Demeter- Goddess of grain; the archetype of the mother

In mythology: Demeter was a mother of goddess Persephone. 

In psychology: She is naturally born mother, but can be also “mother role” for other beings like pets or plants, or projects. A woman who is influenced by Demeter aspects needs to express her maternal role and often does so in turning her attention to others. It is all about the instinct to nourish, protect and love unconditionally. The mother archetype motivates women to nurture others, to be generous and giving, and to find satisfaction in it. She is the one who can overwhelm with her carrying attitude. This feminine archetype is generous and giving, helpful and supportive and creates safety around her. Demeter women among physical and emotional care, love to cook, feed and provide food for her tribe. But her dark side demonstrates in passive-aggressive behavior. She likes to hang around with other mums. 

Love life: Demeter is typically drawn to men who need mothering, the son / lover and emotional support and to whom, she believes, the world has been unkind. So, younger men or ones that are lost, helpless and misunderstood by the world, will find comfort in her arms. This may make her “vulnerable to being used by a sociopath. This kind of man may tie up a Demeter woman’s emotional life for years and may drain her emotionally and financially. A Dionysus archetype (the bad boy who does not say “no” to drink and party life) may also be in her circle of interest. 

What to learn from her: From Demeter, we all can learn how to be patients and generous. 

Her wines: Demeter can enjoy rosés as her daily, brunches, lunches and dinners wines. And also, recommended starting private wine collection with some nice older vintages or current ones to be aged. Demeter will have enough patience to wait for some special moments to the uncorked theme.

Zapraszam Cię na warsztaty winiarskie w Polsce oraz w podróż do Chile.

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