Hera –Goddess of Marriage; the archetype of wife 

In mythology: In mythology, Hera was a child of Rhea and Cronos (like Hestia). She was swallowed by father as soon as she is born, as were four of her siblings as well. When she emerges from her captivity in Cronos, she was already a young girl. She was placed into the loving care of two nature deities who become her foster parents. When Zeus gets attracted by her, he changes himself into a shivering little bird on which Hera takes pity. To warm him up she holds him to her breast. At this moment Zeus sheds his disguise and tries to force himself on her – without success. Hera resists his amorous efforts until he promises to marry her. Their honeymoon lasted 300 years. When this time is over, Zeus reverts to his premarital promiscuous ways and time and time again become unfaithful to his furious betrayed wife Hera.

In psychology: Hera’s full focus consists of not only finding a partner but in finding a man who is ready for commitment and marriage. Marriage is sacred to her. Without a partner, a Hera woman sees herself as incomplete and insufficient which leads to her emotional suffering. Her name is the feminine form of the Greek word hero — meaning “Great Lady”. Hera represents the union of the masculine and the feminine and is a goddess devoted to commitment and partnership. The Hera woman may feel isolated in a society that says “being a wife is not enough”. She sees all other projects as secondary to her quest for a partner. Her status, power as well as much of her identity can only be achieved if it is connected to a man. For Hera, being single is difficult but her biggest challenge is overcoming her jealousy, vindictiveness, and inability to leave a destructive relationship. Once a Hera woman is betrayed, she feels discarded and may go to extremes for revenge.

She is not close to other women. Her rage is always directed towards lowers not the husband. If she bonds with other women, this is configuration “couple’s friendship”, as soon as the other lady becomes a widow or divorced, Hera will eliminate her from her circle. She may treat single and unmarried women with despise and pity.

Love life: Husband is her goal, he completed her. She is one hundred percent loyal to her husband. Friends, family or even her own children cannot count on her protection as much, as she always puts him in the first place. She looks into the Zeus kind of men. She admires his power and success. But side B of Zeus is frequently emotional immaturity. 

What to learn from her: Hera teaches us how to make a commitment, to be loyal. Her lesson is also a fidelity. 

Her wines: Hera, she is a classy lady with her taste to marriage, lifestyle but also wines. So, some elegant Cabs would be perfect for her. Known as an easy to get mad, to chill out and bring some sweetness to her life, she would enjoy fancy sweet wines such as Sauternes or Tokay.

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