E ach person that practice yoga has a very individual approach to this form of holistic exercise. We choose different styles, discover new asanas, observe and get to know our body, etc. And what wine has to do with yoga classes?

Certainly, there will be some voices that alcohol during training, even as gentle as yoga, is a bad idea. So here are some very rational arguments for “yes”. And what kind of wine could be the best choice for yoga?

Brain biochemistry

A person full of internal tensions and frustration often does not feel like moving at all. He or she prefers to eat or drink (and I don’t mean wine), many people struggle with emotional eating, stress-related cravings, and habits. According to the medical studies, if we can raise the levels of serotonin and endorphins (the happiness hormones), we are much more likely to get off the couch and do some physical activity.

Perhaps those of you who are still unconvinced to yoga will be tempted by this exercise system. Why? Yoga, even in a very gentle and basic position, can improve our posture, flexibility, stretch the spine, joints, and muscles. Yoga is also an excellent form of relaxation, tranquility, and concentration. Yoga is: breathing, movement, meditation. And all of that reduce tension at every level of human body.

Hormones rule

One of the most important hormones in our body is cortisol, called also the stress hormone. In a state of danger and tension, it makes all the body’s effort to survive and escape the danger. In caveman times, when a person saw a wild animal, the brain would send a “run away” signal. Today we do not have such threats, but we have a whole lot of others. And many people function on this cortisol high level for months.

When this hormone is elevated, the body does not engage in other systems, literally shuts down the immune system, does not assimilate absorption, etc. In the long run the symptoms of this condition are: weight gain, swollen face, hot flushes, mood swings, permanent fatigue, high blood pressure, infertility, muscle problems, depression, etc. This is a topic for a different text and the ways to work with that such as diet, adaptogens, or gentle exercise are always very individual and after the consult with health practitioner. But yes, one can get out of this closed cortisol circle.

What’s the wine got to do with it? In general, alcohol abuse exacerbates this condition. Therefore? The magic word is Resveratrol. So, an organic chemical compound is present in red wine. New research shows that a glass of red wine lowers cortisol levels.
So, one session of yoga and one glass of wine are a good pair in the fight against everyday stress.


This beloved and wonderful grape component protect our heart, as does the „downward facing dog” yoga pose, which also rejuvenates and slims. Research shows that one glass of wine in the afternoon burns body fat. Of course, if someone carry 20 kg too much, they will not lose weight with a glass of wine. Here you need a calorie deficit, sweat, and a retrospective of what you think about yourself.
But this proverbial glass of wine with dinner will help you burn the calories of your meal.

Tasting reality

Yoga teaches us to concentrate, calm down and focus. These abilities are extremely important during wine tasting. Wine is best tasted when one is fully present. Focusing on each stage of the tasting, to understand the wine, the grape, where it comes from, the vintage, what story it tells, about what place, about the people… We always must taste the wine with all our senses.


Yoga and wine can give you wings. You just need a little wine and a few minutes of yoga to feel light, happy, and calm. I always say that the key to enjoying wine is moderation, one glass per day with a meal satisfies me. Also, I’m not the type of person who will sit in the gym for hours. I also dose daily practice of yoga (the key to yoga benefits is persistence more than long hours of practice the time to time) and to relax and synchronize with my own better place. You cannot get there without both, stimulation body, mind, emotions and detoxing above. So, after reading and mental work it must come the quiet time, after yoga – some gentle breath exercise and so on.

Let’s connect

A glass of wine after yoga classes it can be a perfect way to build a relationship with other people and create a bond in the group. Also, it can be a great opportunity to smile, exchange a few words, know each other better. And bonding in the yoga group gives a sense of belonging and motivates to return to classes.

My „namaste” wines

1. Fresh and young sparkling. I regret that there are still not so many sparkling wines from Brazil in Europe.

2. Moscato d 'Asti, minimum alcohol, bubbles, a bit of sweetness, and a beautiful jasmine fragrance.

3. Of course rosé! French from Provence!!! Provence rosé is a synonym of joie de vivre or dolce vita which for me yoga forms a great part of it.

4. Always and forever German Riesling! Because is fun, is a food friendly wine in all the styles that is produced, from bone dry to off dry and sweet.

5. Grüner Veltliner. Remains me Danube river, which joins Western Europe and Balcans, classic varieties and indigenous ones. And because is a light body wine, with such a nice “green” lightness and vibrant, almost dancing in the mouth.

Zapraszam Cię na warsztaty winiarskie w Polsce oraz w podróż do Chile.

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