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Kim jestem i czym się zajmuję:)

Who Am I?

Ania Smolec- Warsaw University (Journalism) graduate. I have been a columnist of several wine titles, on the top two very close and important magazines: Świat Wina (Poland) and Vitis Magazine (Chile). Also, a judge in many wine competitions around the world.

Why wine?

As a teenage girl, I was inventing challenges for my future self (I will learn a few languages, I will visit all the great art museums of the world, etc.) and one of these challenges was a promise that one day I will learn about wine and be able to juggle with all wine terms and descriptions.

Years ago, I interviewed some famous European fragrance makers. And many of them told me that I am a kind of aromas freak (for a not trained nose I had an unusual skill to recognize aromas and a huge aromas library-memory). I said to myself: “Wine it is”.

Wine writer, it is even a job?

Seeking for wine and food, I have visited 6 continents and hundreds of wineries. Matching food and wine is my greatest fun!!!

The last nine years I have been living full time in Chile. Since 2019, I am sharing my time between Chile and Poland with my base in Warsaw.

I am judge in several wine competitions: Vinitaly Concorso Enologico, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Citadelles du Vin, Vinos de la Cordillera, Selezione Nacionale Vini da Pesca, Grenache du Monde, International Rosé Championship. 

Another wine blog?

 No points, no scores, no wine snobbism, no terroir terrorism.

Wine is such fun. Wine is an adventure. Wine is an inspiration. Wine is a trip through the lands and times… and wine is for everybody.

So, what is about this website?

About rose wines and rose lifestyle and all that it contains. Rose wine is for me a synonym of Dolce Vita, Gemutlichkeit, Hygge, Law of Attraction or whatever you like to call the philosophy of life that advice is to look for fun, joy, love, happiness, and pleasure every day, all day.

My joy is my family, my home, cooking, traveling, nature and my work which is my passion… I drink hectoliters of rose in various styles and even more Darjeeling tea.

And by the way, pink is the most beautiful color in the world.

Welcome to PINK MODE