Persephone – The Maiden and Queen of the Underworld; the archetype of daughter

In mythology: Persephone was the only child of Demeter and Zeus. After years of a carefree childhood, while gathering flowers and playing with her friends, she was kidnapped by Hades, God of the Underworld. Through the persistent efforts of her mother, she was released from the Underworld and came back to be joyfully reunited with her parents, where she continued to have a very close bond with mother. However, she had eaten some pomegranate seeds before being set free which tethered her to the Underworld. An important part of her soul stays deeply connected to the Underworld where she becomes a guide for those who are looking for her. 

In psychology: Persephone contains within her the dual archetype of a young goddess, innocent and associated with fertility and the Queen of the Underworld. Represent “daughter” and „eternal girl” aspects in the female soul. Persephone’s qualities are being: quiet, innocent, flexible, adaptable, some way passive. The Persephone woman must learn to make commitments and to live up to them. As long as she fails this, she will continue to play the role of being a victim of the will and power of others. The risk of Persephone personality is becoming a long-sufferer or martyr. A Persephone woman is comfortable with other “young spirit” women who are like herself. 

Love life: She is in the type of man that prefers “eternal girls”, that “grownup woman”; it can be both: a youthful partner of the same age, or contrary to the older man. Even with age, she stays a child-woman, unassertive and youthful in attitude. Men are drawn to her innocence and fragility. Another kind of men in her circle is tough and streetwise. This man is fascinated by this protected and privileged “nice girl” from “good family” who is so much his opposite. She, in turn, is seduced by his personal magnetism, sexual aura, and dominating personality. She falls in love with a man her mother doesn’t accept, someone different from “the nice young man” her mother would have in mind. 

What to learn from her: Her descent into the underworld shows the possibility of pain forcing growth. As the Queen, Persephone symbolizes receptivity, intuition, and empathy to the suffering of others. Thus, Persephone’s gifts include the cultivation of imagination and inspiration. Underworld is a metaphor od subconscious, dreams, intuitions and all invisible forces of nature. Stay open and receptive. Pay attention to your dreams, your intuition, and what your guts tell you. This often turns out to be rewarding. 

Her wines: For modern Persephone, I would recommend biodynamic wines, which are among all wines, the most spiritual and connected to the natural forces. Thus, the aspect of her innocence, Spring lover creature I am sure that Persephone would enjoy aromatic white grape varieties such as Gewürztraminer, Riesling, Moscatel.

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