M any of you is asking me: how to enter to pink mode, or to be pink mode o make a pink mode. Today a few words what for me means Pink Mode.
Who am I?
I am journalist. I specialize in writing about wine and food.
Which language is my website?

www.pink-mode is mostly in Polish, thus I am Pole and I live in Poland. Some articles appear in English. My Instagram is mostly in English if you want catch up with me, you are more than welcome.

What means Pink Mode?
For me, wine is inseparable with food. And wine and food are part of a lifestyle. You can find it in Mediterranean countries where people really enjoy cooking, having long meals with their families and friends.

I particularly like rosé wine. Why? Because I find it extremely entertaining, enjoyable, and easy to match with many different kinds of food. Also, because I really like the pink color.

Wine and food are also part of our diet and nutrition. I am fascinated with a healthy lifestyle and good nutrition which can prevent many diseases.

I also love traveling. That gives me lots of joy.

So, Pink Mode is a blog about wine, food, traveling and healthy lifestyle.

How to be pink mode?

• Meditate, walk into the forest, enjoy nature
• Have fun, laugh and smile with your friends and family
• Be grateful, appreciate everything and everybody.
• Read a book, go to the cinema, or do whatever makes you happy
• Have a glass of wine with your meal. Enjoy tasting wine, cherish its color, aromas and taste. Play with matching different styles of wine with different food.
• And most of all take care of yourself. Be your best friend. Forgive yourself and others. Always remember that you have power to do anything in your life. Here and now is the moment, not in the past neither in the future. Right now, you can change you thought, your feelings and your actions.

From my soul to yours Namaste

Zapraszam Cię na warsztaty winiarskie w Polsce oraz w podróż do Chile.

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