Artemis –Goddess of the Hunt, Moon & Wilderness; the archetype of sister

In mythology: Artemis is the daughter of Leto and Zeus. She is the firstborn twin-sister of Apollo and assists her mother during extremely difficult and painful labor of her brother (thus she was also the patron of childbirth). Zeus was very pleased with her courage and beauty and offers her anything she wishes. At this young age, Artemis already knows exactly what she wants and asks for a bow and arrow, a pack of hounds to hunt with, nymphs to accompany her, a tunic short enough to run in, mountains and wilderness and the privilege of making the selections herself. In the myths, Artemis acts swiftly and decisively to protect and rescue those who appeal to her for help. She is also quick to punish without mercy those who offend her.

In psychology: Artemis as Goddess of the Hunt, the Moon, and the Wilderness is the personification of an independent feminine spirit who is confident, goal-oriented and competitive. An Artemis woman has a strong urge to follow her intuition. She is brave and wild. Artemis values sisterhood and is ruthless in her desire for justice and protection of those who have been wronged. Through her strength as a hunter and her status as a protector. She also represents modern shaman- feminine connection with nature. In the Mythology she rescued many times her mother. In psychology, Artemis represents the syndrome of being “mother of own mother”

Love life: A successful romantic relationship with Artemis is based on a connection that is deep and intuitive. Artemis is usually paired with Apollo (the sun god, lawgiver and god of art, music, and poetry) who doesn’t need to dominate her but also doesn’t need mothering.

What to learn from her: She teaches us to follow one’s course in life. Her lesson is to keep the eyes on the goal and stay focused. Virgin Goddesses and is ‘One-in-Herself’, representing a sense of wholeness. This attitude allows a woman to take care of herself, to function on her own with self-confidence and an independent spirit which makes her feel whole without a man. 

Her wines: Artemis loves the night, moon, wildness so basically natural wines were invented for her or maybe by her…? All the stinky orange wines or these full of volatile and/ or bret also work for her. Artemis represents joyful free spirit so not surprised that she doesn’t like to follow Old World appellations rules but enjoys playing with New World gems. And of course, she loves simply to have fun with Mediterranean juicy red wines like Spanish or Portuguese.

Zapraszam Cię na warsztaty winiarskie w Polsce oraz w podróż do Chile.

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